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About Dynamic Inspection Metal Detectors

Dynamic Inspection are New Zealand’s leading manufacturers of inspection systems with an established customer base stretching back as far as the mid 1990’s. Dynamic Inspection pride themselves on experience, innovative technologies and commitment to quality. Dynamic Inspection’s manufacturing is based in Cambridge NZ, with additional sales and service located in Auckland, Christchurch and Melbourne (Australia) allowing us to provide service at a high level to their growing customer base.

With products that simply work day-in-day-out on the production line, Dynamic Inspection offers the most practical and functional metal detection solutions available. The success of Dynamic Inspection’s products is based on three pillars: Simple Operation, Outstanding Reliability, Exceptional Performance.

Conveying Systems with Auto Reject

The Dynamic range of metal detector are designed for the harshest conditions. Construction in Stainless Steel to suit wash down environments and rugged in design to eliminate electrical noise and physical vibration. The search head is custom built to suit each customers exact requirement to ensure the best level of detection. Dynamic obtain best in class detection due to their custom coil structure utilised in each search head. Dynamic achieve unmatched performance with large product sizes with detection of 2.0mm Stainless Steel achievable on 20-50kg bags of powder.

Inline (Pipe) Detector

The Dynamic Pipeline Metal Detector is ideally suited for inline inspection of pumped liquids and pastes that are transported through a pipe. Dynamic Pipeline detectors are built rugged to withstand the harshest production environments with rugged Stainless Steel construction. Several material options are available for the non-metallic pipe including nylon, rubber, and Teflon for the more demanding high temperature pressure applications.

An automatic Reject Valve can be incorporated into the system to remove contaminated product from the flow. Additionally, a test ball insertion / retrieval kit is offered as an option, allowing for ease of manual testing.

Gravity Fall Detector

The Dynamic Gravity Metal Detector is ideally suited for inline inspection of dry, powder or granular products that can be gravity fed through a pipe from a processing machine. Available in Painted Aluminum or Stainless Steel with a selection of several aperture sizes, the Gravity detector is built with Anti-Static UHMW Pipes, Air Control, and a Ceiling Support Frame. An automatic Reject Valve can be incorporated into the system to remove contaminated product from the flow. Additionally, a test ball retrieval drawer is offered, allowing for ease of manual testing.

The unique Dynamic Gravity Metal Detector utilizes the latest Digital Signal Processing technology to detect and reject ferrous and non-ferrous metals, including stainless steel. With the highest processing power, Phantom
systems are renowned for their superior speed, accuracy and ease-of-use.

Search Heads – Custom built

Since the 1990’s Dynamic Inspection have been manufacturing Metal Detection Search Heads. There are in excess of 2500 units manufactured from various industries such as: Confectionery, Bakeries, Meat Processing (bone out, bone in, hot bone etc), Livestock, Fresh fruit & veg, Smallgoods, Snackfood, Agricultural, Bottling lines, & Textiles etc. Dynamic can custom design a Metal Detection system to suit your needs, no matter how difficult the challenge, the Dynamic engineering team can analyze the specification and in most cases provide a customised Metal Detection solution.

Pad Detectors

The Dynamic Inspection Pad Metal Detector scans from the base up and is ideally suited for detecting metal contaminants in liquids while ignoring metal caps, foil lids etc. The Pad Detectors have enhanced detection capability due to the sensitivity achieved from the custom wound coils, even on fast production lines.
Dynamic Inspection integrate this metal detector to a conveying system to suit bottling lines. This integration includes a rejection system to reject single contaminated bottles without interrupting production at high speed. Another development is the design of a system that can developed to fit into existing lines, negating the need for costing modifications and downtime to line. The system transfers the bottles from the existing line inspects, and then returns product to the line.

Multi Lane Detection Systems

The single Dynamic Inspection search head is comprised of separate apertures with individual products being inspected by each one. The main advantage of this approach is that there is only minimal widening of the conveyor belt to accommodate a single search head as opposed to installing individual metal detectors. This reduces both the cost and the footprint. Each aperture has its own reject station meaning individual products are rejected rather than multiple products. All apertures are controlled from the one control panel which streamlines operator access. Multi aperture units are available in two, three, four or more apertures. The Dynamic Inspection detector features the latest FM Software which greatly enhances detection capability and establishes new Industry Standards.

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